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Testimonials of Our Happy Clients

“My daughter had a brain injury and as her full time carer, I lacked information on services that will benefit and support her and myself, living a normal life in the community, not until I contacted HSPS, and they went through all health and social services in my community that I taught I will be paying for, since we do not receive nor entitled to any form of financial help. I am so grateful for all information you gave to me.”

Anonymous, Essex

“You are brilliant with your connecting service to my practice and Great Job.”

N S Hunjan

Consultant Optometrist

“I want to thank HSPS actually I was almost
made homeless and, I was able overcome the
situation when I contacted HSPS, because I
was upset and depressed and difficult to get
help and HSPS supported me by giving me lot
of guidance and support me to overcome my
situation mentally ,physically and connecting
me to local services and now am living well in
my home.”

Miss Philomena Joseph

“Well done HSPS, Our Clients attained the expected outcomes through your connecting service in the community.”

Clarity Mobile

Directors, CEC

“I can’t thank HSPS enough for helping my
mother violet and me, although my mum was
very independent & elderly, she manages most
thing but her main problem was loneliness,
I live to far away so I needed someone to check
she is okay, help at home & help to keep her
appointment and am grateful for the buddy
system in place by HSPS team.”

Mrs Janet Robert