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We appreciate the importance and commitment that organisations place in delivering on
the Residents promise for each and every resident.



  • Their health, both mental and physical.
  • Their lifestyle, social and economic wellbeing.
  • Ensuring their needs are met through local support and services.
  • Making their experience special.
  • To plan and build their lives.
  • Ensuring they feel safe and secure.
  • Enhanced communication.
  • Being part of a thriving community.
  • Personalised and localised service.


The purpose of this document is to introduce you to a
unique approach to creating a leading edge residents
centric experience, that is both commercially effective,
bespoke and highly beneficial.


It Includes:

  • Our unique five step process.
  • A quantitative and qualitative approach.
  • Examples of success.
  • About us

Five Steps Residents Strategy

Step 1

  • Residents Briefing and Assessment
  • The assessment is across 6 independent
    living factors

Step 2

  • Residents Assessment Outcomes.
  • An outcome 5 star score is attained based on the needs of each individual resident.

Step 3

  • Individual Resident feedback and review is given.
  • This provides a joint discussion on the analysis

Step 4

  • Tailored resident’s strategy plan and
    agreed actions.
  • We empower the resident to be actively involved
    and participate in creating their tailored plan.

Step 5

  • Weekly Resident Wellbeing Checks and Contacts
  • Quarterly Re-assessments.

With regular follow through and review we ensure
residents experience is leading edge.

Commercial Effectiveness of our 5 steps residents strategy

  • The benefits of a tailored plan for each resident will enable you to exceed on your commitment to developing a resident centric culture.
  • To consistently deliver a compassionate and inclusive service.
  • Our approach meets the strategic drivers of your organisation.
  • To enhance residents’ experience by freeing up your staff to spend time on tasks that people do best.
  • To achieve sector leading resident satisfaction levels at a lower cost.
  • To maximise opportunities to listen and respond to a range of resident voices to grow a dynamic resident led culture.
  • To provide data-based insight, to improve the end-to-end processes that underpin the most important resident journeys.