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Lifestyle Support Services

Our Service offerings at Health and Social Prescribing Services

HSPS is an independent Lifestyle and Well-being Support Services connecting you to clinical services and provide non-clinical services as a lifestyle support services promoting independence in each individual.

Let’s say if you are finding it difficult to manage day-to-day chores such as exercises, Cooking for special diet, shopping, housework, and gardening, to be on the phone booking your health appointments, after hospital discharge support and so many domestic things you use to do, then we provide you with lifestyle personal assistant or lifestyle home help that can offer assistance in your home.

Another example is, let say you need home help after hospital discharge or need an escort to go with you for a procedure at the hospital, and you are in need of support, if no one is available to support, then Lifestyle and Well-being Support Services will step in.

Also, let say, you want companionship, sit in services to reduce loneliness and our call in time service -one to one regular chat, then Lifestyle and Wellbeing Support Services can provide that for you.

Also, the benefit of Lifestyle and Well-being Support Services is that we become the lifestyle assistants that you can rely on maintaining your independence. We have qualified support workers that are well-vetted in various areas of support for clients, to give you peace of mind.

Getting home help or Lifestyle personal assistant can enable your relative to stay in their home for longer.
Following the needed assessment, local authorities rarely finance home help services.

Before choosing a form of home help, sit down with your relative to think about the following:

What tasks do they need help with?
How many hours a week will they need help for?
How often would they like someone to come in?
Do they need temporary help (just for a few weeks/months) or a permanent helper?
How much are they willing and able to pay?

At HSPS Lifestyle and Well-being Support Services have unique service packages to accommodate every need for your specific lifestyle and not a shortcut support/packaged services but to maintain your healthy lifestyle.